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Saudi Arabic Crash Course

Welcome to "Saudi Arabic 101" – your gateway to the heart of Saudi Arabian culture! This free course invites you to explore the essence of the Saudi dialect, offering an enriching experience in language and tradition. Whether you're a newcomer or an eager learner, this journey promises to equip you with essential conversational skills and cultural insights. 
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What You Will Learn from This Course:

Your Journey Learning The Saudi Dialect Starts Here

#1 Dive into Arabic: Mastering the Alphabet Basics!

Join our free crash course designed for beginners! In just a short time, you'll learn to recognize, write, and pronounce Arabic letters with confidence. From the elegant curves to the unique sounds, we'll guide you through each step, setting the stage for your Arabic language journey.

#2 Subject Pronouns Made Simple

This free course breaks down the complexities of subject pronouns into easy-to-understand concepts. From "I" to "they," you'll learn how to identify and use subject pronouns in everyday conversations with confidence.

#3 Mastering the Saudi Dialect: Insider Tips for Success!

From mastering common phrases to understanding cultural nuances, we'll equip you with the tools needed to navigate the intricacies of the Saudi dialect with ease.

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Meet the instructor

Bob Jaafeil

My name is Ibrahim Jaafeil, and I'm passionate about everything in Saudi Arabia! I'm here to help you unlock the world of the Saudi dialect and dive deeper into the rich culture of the Kingdom.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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